Saturday, January 12, 2008

Learning to write Chinese words

Ethan starts writing Chinese since last year. We know he will not learn to write if he growing up here in U.S. Unlike other kids back in Malaysia, he got not opportunity to practice writing Chinese in school. Eric and I are very concern about this issue. We want him to be able to write and speak well in Mandarin.

It is not an easy tast for us. But I belive persistence and consistence are teh key in learning Chinese. A lot of my friends are sending their kids to Chinese school once a week. But we do not want to do so since we know how to write and speak well. The best thing the kids could learn is from the parents.

First, I had to find materials and resources to provide him words that are suitable for him to learn at his age. I refer to the kindergarten book from Malaysia and get an idea from it. Then, I make the copies myself and teach him the word. I did buy some Chinese Learning Book for my extra reference. But the most important thing is to emphasize the daily learning process.

He is refusing to write at first and complaining a lot. I kept telling him if he knows how to write and speak Chinese, everyone will be amazed by him. He will one day understand the words on the Chinese Newspaper too.

I know one day he will feel proud of himself because he is bilingual and know how to write the Chinese well. But if he does not learn now, he will definitely have a hard time when he is getting older.