Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 22 and week23

I got this USA puzzle from garage sale. This is a good tool for Ethan to learn US geography. We are using the Man IN the Map Book to learn the states. So far, we are in North Western States.

Ethan is learning multiplication table 5. One of the easy way to introduce to this concept is using the items around the house and show him how to divide the lego pieces into different number of containers.

First, I ask him how to divide 15 legos into 5 jars. Then, he has to figure out one jar can hold 3 pieces of legos, how many jars he should have to put 15 pieces of legos.

Evan is learning the pattern by using these legos pieces. He can arrange them according to the color into different jars. Well, I try to not buy too much math manipulatives, I just use things that I could find around the house.

The boys like dinosaurs and I decide to give them Dino Unit Study. I fully utilize the internet to find all the material free online. got a good children program---DINO TRAIN, which they like to watch and learn new dino name each time. I think they are better than me in recognizing all those dinosaurs. is a good website providing free worksheet for the dino theme. Evan

I transform the white wall into a Dino Land. I divide it into three dino eras which are Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. They color the dino and paste on the wall according the era it lives on.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 21 Homeschool Report

This week is a geography week. This week we are learning North America countries. I am learning together with Ethan as well since I am poor in World Geography too. I found a good website where we can learn the name of the countries easily. I learned about this good website from one of the homeschool mom's blog. First, I download the Globalmania file and download the Sterra software to learn the geography.

To my surprise, Ethan learned all the countries of North America within one day and so did I. We managed to click on the name of the countries with no problems.

Another book that I highly recommend is The Little Man in the map. It uses a very entertaining way to introduce all the states in America. Below is what Ethan learned the first five states which resemble a little man on the map. The hat is Minnesota,the face is Iowa, the shirt is Missouri, the pant is Arkansas and the boot is Louisiana.

Social Study: Learning about Martin Luther King story.

Math: Continue on and practice exercises. Ethan is starting doing Second Grade Math.

Language Art: Review the Adverb and Homonyms.

Reading: Read book and doing the quizzes on

For Evan, he is still doing the preschool activites and skills. This week, I let him try to use a simple tool, a tweezer, to get the pom pom balls.

This is a good Math game for little kids too. I drew four boxes with numbers. He has to put the pom pom according to the color and numbers on the certain boxes.

Making the Pine cone bird seeder.
This is an easy art project for the little kids. First, get a pine cone and spread the Peanut Butter all over it. Then, roll it over the sunflower seed which will stick on the cone. Then, put a string on top of the cone and hang it on the tree branch to attract the birds.

The boys start to play tennis again every Wednesday and Saturday for the Winter session. So far, they enjoy it. This time, they have the tennis lesson at Zina Garrison Tennis Academy which provide free lesson for the kids.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010---- Week 20 report

This week Science is all about Ocean Animal. I found a good website which provides FREE worksheet about this topic. The website is

They make some fish origami and pasted on a piece of paper which they painted blue.

Back to full week schedule again after two weeks holiday.

Ethan learned about animal groups. He can differentiate which animal belongs to which group.

For Math, he did some exercise from which I sign up for one year for him to do the math problems. He is now on Second Grade level but I still let him practice some First Grade problems for his revision.


He learned about statement, exclamation and asking sentences. He can write a complete sentences but he always forget to put the capital letter and period at the end.

Beginning of this year, I want him to read more books. I found one good website which encouraging the kids to read more and earn prizes. once he read a book, he can log on to the to answer some quizzes about the book he just read.

For Evan, he is doing some cutting,tracing and playing with the toys. He is getting better and better in cutting something out from a paper and paste it on some paper. I am trying to train his fine motor skill. Besides cutting, playing with his Lego blocks help too.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Week 18 and 19

Week 18 and Week 19 are the relaxing week with two holidays--Christmas and New Year. The Houston School District got two week holiday and I decided to give the boys a short break. They still have to do their work but not as much as regular school week.

I found one good website that I could download free worksheet for the Winter Theme. The website is and they did some fun worksheets about Winter.

We went to library for the story time and they got to do some cute craft about Christmas too.

Week 15 to week 17 Homeschool Weekly Report

My camera is not working, hence, I could not take any pictures for the homeschool report.

For the record purposes, I list down what the boys had accomplish so far.

Since Ethan is at first grade level, he got to do more works than Evan(preschooler).

Reading: He had to do one reading comprehension worksheet everyday. He can read well and understand more on what he being reading so far.

Writing: I gave him some topic to write on his journal book. He will draw some pictures on it and write about what he thought about that pictures.

Spelling: I am using Homeschool Learning Network spelling worksheet. He had to write down the spelling list three times on Monday, then, I will test his spelling on Tuesday. So far, I am quite impressed on his spelling ability.

Grammar: He is learning Homonym, Synonym, Question, Statement during these weeks. He did some review on Pronoun and Adverb.

Math: He did the free Math Practice on twice a week. Besides, I gave him the Math worksheet from the books.

Science: He finished up the Food Group Notebook. We are working on Animal Group and Ocean Animal.

Chinese: He still has the Chinese school to attend and he got the homework from the teacher.