Monday, March 30, 2009

March Theme Board

I set up a three board at home to display our monthly theme and projects. March is the beginnig of the spring month. We did some craft and learning about spring.

These yellow flowers are made up of egg carton, scrap color paper and some art supplies.

Ethan is learning the flower parts and he labeled it with both English and Chinese words. Evan made some finger painting flower art which shown at the right side.
We made the beattles out of used CD and some color papers.

This is the butterfly life cycle. Ethan colored that butterfly at school and I just put it on the board.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Paper Mache Ladybug

We are learning insects during spring break. I borrowed some books about insects from the library and let the kids read them. I found a craft online about making the paper mache lady bug. It is fun and easy to do.

First, I found two styrofoam cups. One big and small. The kids tore the newspapers in strips and we glued them on top of the cups. I used the white flour and water to make the glue.

We let it dry overnight and it is ready to be painted. Red and black are the main colors.

This the final product! A paper mache ladybug.

Butterfly Life Cycle

Ethan is learning about the butterfly life cycle. I decided to videotaped him while he is doing his presentation.