Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jack and the beanstalk

Evan is reading a story about Jack and the beanstalk. We are doing a fun project about this story. I got this idea from a homeschool mom's website.
First, I lay down a piece of large white paper on the floor and draw a tree like plant. Evan is the one have to color it with green color to make it just like a giant bean stalk. He sure having fun doing that.

Then, he cut out the plant.

I taped it on the back of the door. We find several pictures of him and Ethan and then cut out the body outline.

This is the close up of the beanstalk which Ethan and Evan are "climbing" it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Family lapbook

Evan is learning how to write Chinese words daily since last year. He is still in learning stage so I have to review the words he learned everyday. Chinese words need a lot of memorizing, the more they see the words, the familiar they are with those words. Making a lapbook is a fun way to encourage him to apply what he learned so far. Today we are making a family lapbook.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chinese Poem with craft

I am amazed to see how quickly Evan learn to memorize and recite the Chinese poems. Besides reciting the poem, I let him do some craft associate with the poem. This week, we are learning a poem about bee.

【蜂】 作者:罗隐




It is a easy craft. First, I let him draw and color few flowers. Then, he cut and paste them on a black paper. This is a collage technique.

Then, I poured some tempera yellow paint and asked him to do finger painting for the bee body.. This is a fun way to let small kid to experience the finger painting. I used some small brush to make the line on the bee body.

He used the white crayon to draw the wings on the bees.

Friday, March 11, 2011

My little body

This is an easy project to do with small kids from preschool to Kinder. First, find a big piece of white paper and ask the kid lay down on top of it. The adult can trace his or her body with pencil. Then, they can trace around their own body layout with a marker pen. Then, they can draw their eyes, nose, mouth and teeth on the face.

I teach Evan Chinese and English at the same time. So, he got to learn to recognize both body's vocabulary. So far, he learns mostly about the body part on the face and hand and feet. I used two different color papers to write down the English and Chinese words. Then, he got to match the body part with those words.

Ear 耳
Eye 眼
Nose 鼻
Mouth 口
Head 头
Teeth 牙
Hand 手
Feet 脚

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mr.Seahorse (海马先生)

This is a very interesting book about seahorse daddy taking care of his babies. I found this book in Chinese version. After reading it, I let Evan do some painting and cutting to make a collage out of the pictures.

First, I drew a big seahorse and three little seahorse. Then, he just paint whatever color he likes on them.
He cut some green stripes to make the seaweed and pasted on the blue paper.
This is the final product.