Friday, March 11, 2011

My little body

This is an easy project to do with small kids from preschool to Kinder. First, find a big piece of white paper and ask the kid lay down on top of it. The adult can trace his or her body with pencil. Then, they can trace around their own body layout with a marker pen. Then, they can draw their eyes, nose, mouth and teeth on the face.

I teach Evan Chinese and English at the same time. So, he got to learn to recognize both body's vocabulary. So far, he learns mostly about the body part on the face and hand and feet. I used two different color papers to write down the English and Chinese words. Then, he got to match the body part with those words.

Ear 耳
Eye 眼
Nose 鼻
Mouth 口
Head 头
Teeth 牙
Hand 手
Feet 脚