Thursday, July 30, 2009

Week 13 Horse Theme

This is a funny book telling about Horse.

This week we learn about horses. I cut out the horse model and let Evan tell me what color is the horse.

I played a game with them by hiding the horses all over the places and give them some clues where to find them. They were having fun finding the horses just like the Easter Egg Hunt.

Evan is gluing the mane on the horse.I cut out the old clothes into small pieces for him to glue on. I kept telling him the hair on the horse is called Mane. He remember that after the lesson.

This week letter:Ll

I wrote the L shape and let Evan tell me what is the letter on the paper. He recognize it well. I cut out several love shapes for him to paste on the letter and tell him Love starts with L.

Craft: Introduce symmetry with the colorful painting.

First, fold the paper in half. Then, let the kids put the paint on only one side of the paper and fold it. Press hard and open the paper. They will see the symmetry pattern on the paper.

Evan is showing me his art work. He felt amazed that the color is pressed on other side with same pattern.

When Evan is doing his work, Ethan is doing his worksheet.

I colored different colors on a piece of paper and ask Evan to tell me the color. He then have to cut it out using scissor and match the color with the pegs which got color on it. He is using two skills at once during this activities. First, he has to use scissor ( still not very good at it) and then
using his finger to open the peg.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Learning about pattern

This is good Math learning game for Ethan. He knows about counting by 3s and 4s. I cut the Styrofoam tray into small pieces with different shapes and numbers. I scrambled the pieces and he had to arrange them in order with pattern.

Sink or float

Five items: Peach, block, pebble, balls, bottle cap.

This week the science experiment is about density. I took several items with different density and ask the kids what things will float or sink.

The boys put the ice into the water and to see whether it will float of sink. They all guessed it wrong. They thought the ice will sink under the water.

This is the result from Ethan.

Week 12 Car theme

I believe most of the boys love cars and they will have a lot of toy cars scattered around the house with different sizes, shapes and functions.

Toy car is always the popular toy for my boys. Introducing this topic is not difficult because they are so familiar with cars.

I cut out these car model out of the papers with two sizes. I asked Evan to group the cars according to the colors. Then, he sort the cars according to the sizes.

Tracing and coloring.

I drew two cars with no wheels. Evan finger painted two wheels on each car.

Evan is learning how to use the scissors. He is not that skillful yet to master the scissor. I let him cut the Styrofoam tray into tiny pieces and he is enjoying the process.

Letter of the week: Kk
I cut out two kinds of keys and let Evan pasted on the K letter. He has no problem differentiated the keys and can group them according to colors and shapes.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Week 11 Train

These are the books we read about train.
Kids just love train. They like to imitate the sound of the train going CHOO CHOO CHOO. This is a interesting theme to introduce to them.

We have these colorful blocks at home. The boys will make different kinds of things. This time, Evan is making the train by connecting the blocks. This is one of their favorite toys of all.

I cut out the train model out of the color paper and wrote the numbers and alphabets. Evan has to put them in order.
One of the thing I did is asking him to sort the train into colors out of these models.

Material for the train.
Pegs, cotton, bottle caps, paper clips, toilet paper rolls, paint.

The train made out of toilet paper roll, bottle caps, paper clip, peg and the cotton. I got this idea from HomeSchoolCreation mom. This mom always got a great idea in doing the craft.

Letter of the week: Jj
This is a cute jellyfish made by Evan. I cut semicircle for the body and tear off several tissue paper for him to paste on the body. Then, he requested to put on the googly eyes for the jelly fish.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Learning 5 senses

This is a simple science experiment to teach the young age kids about their five senses. Ethan learned that in school but I want to introduce to Evan too at home. Both of them enjoy the fun out of it.


I put different items with strong aroma inside the Easter Egg Shell. They have to smell it through the small hole and guess what is inside the egg.

I put the cinnamon powder, curry powder, pepper and lemon which is available from my kitchen.

He is using his smelling sense to guess the thing inside the egg.

Touching and Seeing:
I put different kind of items inside a box and covered Ethan eye's and let him to touch them and make a guess. Evan does not want to participate but he


I put marble, rice, cereal and paper into four different containers. The boys have to shake the containers and guess what is inside the containers.

Shaking the container and hearing the noise.

Writing his result. He only guessed one thing right out of four. Too bad!


I prepared four different things with different flavor. Ethan covered his eyes and Evan fed him with those food. He was having fun in guessing what is putting inside his mouth.

They ended up eating all the things.

Which melt faster?

I put two toys inside the water and freeze it overnight. The boys are so excited to see those toys inside the ice and eager to take them out of the ice.

The result show that the ice is melting faster with salt on it .

Drawing his observation

Conclusion: Salt lower the ice temperature and it make the ice melts faster.