Saturday, October 31, 2009

Week 10 Homeschool Report

Math: Measurement
Ethan is learning how to measure things with ruler and learning about inches and feet this week.
He found some items around the house and measured them with ruler. He had to tell me which items is measure with inched or feet.

Another fun way to learn about measuring is asking them to measure with nonstandard measurement such as their feet. They have to walk a long line from one end of the wall to another end to measure how long is the house.

Math: Pattern and number 11
Evan is learning about pattern with the Lego. He had to arrange them in pattern with different color.

He had to find 11 blocks and 11 toy cars from the toy box. He learned counting one by one.

Halloween Craft: Colorful Spider
This is an easy craft. I learned that from local library where they put out this cute decoration in the story room. First, prepare the items such as pompom, glue, pipe cleaner and googly eyes.

You need four pipe cleaners and fold them in half, so that one side got four legs to make eight legs for the spider. Twisted and bend it and glue the pompom ( 2 for the two body part) at the middle of the pipe cleaner. Glue the googly eyes on top of the pompom,,, walah,, you got a colorful spider.


He wrote about this little monster with descriptive words. I asked him to find out the noun, adjectives and verbs from his own essay.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week9 Homeschool Report

Homemade magnetic Haunted House puzzle. I got this idea from one of the homeschool mom but modify a bit. I used the fabric from the old clothes and cut them into several shapes and pasted on the cardboard. After all the pasting and cutting, I put a magnet tape on the back and let the boys play with it. They made up their own story about the five little ghosts and the haunted house.

Math for Evan:Learning number and sorting
I drew some number from 1 to 10 on a cardboard and divided into 10 little boxes. Evan had to match the number of the army/Indian/Cowboys to the according number. This a easy to made Math game for the small kids to learn about number.

For the sorting game, I gave him some seashells that we collected last time and asked him to count it for me. He then had to sort them out according to the sizes.

Grammar: Review the Noun, Pronoun, Adverb, Verb, Adjective and Contraction
By using a big sheet of white paper, I drew six column and Ethan had to match the words into right places. Such as he had to put pretty in Adjective column. He being learning all these grammar rules past 8 weeks. I would like to know how much he can remember so far.

Science: This week we are still focusing on Human Body. This week is about Muscular and Skeletal System. We do a experiment showing that muscle can only pull not push. I am using the
Panda Press Science Curriculunm.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week 8 Homeschool Report

Ethan has a regular study schedule with all kinds of subjects. We did some projects this week about human body and it will take few weeks to learn about this topic.

Since most of the Ethan's science class is all about Human Body. I decided to let him learn more about human body by doing some project. First I found the body system labels for him to cut out. Evan and I traced around his body on a big sheet of white paper. He then cut his body cut and put the right body system on it.

Learning about feeling: Evan is doing a worksheet about feeling. He has to determine whether the person is feeling sad or happy. Then, he decided to make a mask with happy face on it.

Evan also do the learning while Ethan is doing his own works. This week, I refocus on his knowledge about shapes. There are many things around the house to learn about shapes. I drew some shapes on a paper and ask him to match the shape with the blocks with different shapes.

Learning compound words by using small cards. I wrote down several compound words on small cards such as cowboy into two separate cards. One with cow and another one with boy, he has to match these two words to make it compound word.

Playing Domino is a good math game to teach Ethan counting by 5's. Dad sat down with the boys to play the fun game.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 7 Homeschool Report

October is here!! I decided to start our week of learning by introducing theme for the boys because both of them can learn together. Ethan still have his regular works to do. His works are listed as below:
Grammar: Learning about Contractions
Reading: Comprehension worksheet
Writing: I am using Daily 6 traits writing book from Evan Moore to introduce him the writing technique.
Math: Review Time and Hour. Daily skill practice including addition and substraction. I found the worksheet online.
Science: Learning about weather.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moon Cake Festival 2009

This year, the boys learned more about the story of MoonCake Festival, the origin of mooncake and the legendary story about HouYi and ChangE. I bought two modern lantern from the Chinese store for them. Actually, they picked the lantern themselves and I did not know that it does make annoying sound. The boys just love the sound effect but not Eric..

Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekly Homeschool Report--Week6

Another week passed by...This week I am more focus on a unit study about Moon Cake Festival. Ethan still worked on the worksheets every morning and finished his online course through

Moon Cake festival is around the corner. I would like the boys to know more about the festival. I searched online to look for more material about this festival and found some interesting stories. I told them about the legendary story and the origin of the mooncake. We went to the Mama Grocery Store to buy two modern lantern( plastic one with annoying noise).

I found a YouTube video clip about Moon Cake Festival online and let the boys watched it so that they have a better idea about this Chinese Festival. The video clip can be seen here:

Chinese poem about the moon cake festival

The boys is showing off their lantern.

We borrowed this game from local library. They liked it so much. This game is called Straw and Connectors.

Math: Learning about Time
I wrote down different time on several pieces of paper. I lay them down on the floor and gave Ethan some pop quiz about time. I asked him some questions and he had to figure out the answer and step on the right paper. For example, I will ask him simple question such as
"Now is 3pm, 2 hours later is what time?"

For Evan, he is learning sorting the straws according to the colors. We played estimation game trying to guess the amount of the straws in each color groups.

Ethan trying to build a house and Evan is lying down on the floor. Evan told me that Ethan is measuring him

Science: Observing the mold
I put two bread and cucumbers on a plate. The boys will do the observation on the bread and cucumber for one week. Ethan will write down the changes on the bread and cucumbers. First day, the breads are soft and the cucumbers are fresh. The second day, the bread is hardened and the cucumbers are shrink. I told them mold will form the following days and they will see some black stuff on the bread.

For Evan, we continue on letter of the week. This week is Letter Ff.

He had to paste all the pictures starting with F on this Ff words book. We made the letter books every week.