Monday, May 25, 2009

Week6 Rainbow Theme

Rainbow is the easy topic to introduce to the kids, just that it is not easy to see a bridge of rainbow across the sky here in Houston. So, I just blow the bubbles under the sun and tell Evan that the color reflect from the sun to the bubbles is called rainbow.

I found some interesting activities online for this topic. From the, I looked for the rainbow theme and download some worksheets and get some ideas.

Evan likes to do the finger painting, so, instead of cut and paste the color paper on the rainbow worksheet, I just let him having fun messing with the paint.

He used the number stickers that I prepared before and matched those numbers to the worksheet. He is good from 1 to 10 , but need some time in finding 11 to 20.

Letter of the Week----R

This week letter is R. I found an interesting idea from No Time For Flashcard site to the colorful letter R. Really thanks to those creative mom who has such a wonderful idea.

Rainbow bread

Another cool thing in learning rainbow is playing with the color by mixing the food coloring into the water. The boys have such a wonderful time in mixing and stirring and observing the color. They are just amazed to see how the color mix together to change into another color. After the mixing process, I let them use a brush to brush those color on a piece of bread to do the rainbow bread. Then, I toast it in the oven and let them eat the bread full of color.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week5 Zoo Theme

According to the curriculum, this week suppose is Lighthouse theme. Too bad I could not find enough material about lighthouse so I choose the Zoo as our weekly theme.

This is book that we read while doing this week theme.

We have Houston Zoo membership. I brought both boys there several times. So, when I wrote the words ZOO, Evan knew it immediately. We have some zoo animal toys and I took them out so that he can play with it. One thing I did with the animal figures was while I read about the Zoo book, I will ask him to point to that particular animals mentioned in the book.
I drew some spots, stripes, humps, long neck,long horn and long trunk on six separate boxes on a piece of paper and asked him to match the specific characteristic with those animals. He managed to do it well.

This week number is number 5. I asked him to show me number 5 from a bunch of numbers. When he was eating his cereal, I asked him to take out five cereals from his bowl and he did.

I got some lapbook material from and printed it out to let Evan do the Zoo lapbook. This is the simple lapbook. It is all about numbers and animals. Each pocket got certain amount of animal and he had to match that numbers on the pocket.

Then, I asked him to sing an Elephant song for me in Chinese. It is about a kid asking a baby elephant why he got such a long trunk. Is it because he is lying too much? Then, the baby elephant told him that it is because his mom said it is beautiful to have a long trunk and not because he is lying too much.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week 4 Eye Theme

This week we learn about eye. Dr.Seuss Eyes Book is very great to introduce the small kids about their eyes. I told Evan that eyes are very important for us to see around, without them , it is hard to get anything we want or go anywhere.

I thought about a simple game to let him know how important it is to have eyes and we should take good care of them. First, I put a things in front of him and asked him to get them with the eyes open. He did it easily. Then, I wrapped a scarf around his eyes to blind him and asked him to go to the front to get something, he had a difficult time to figure out where to go.

I drew different color of eyes and asked him to match the pegs with the color on it. This is the simple game for the small kids to learn about color and matching. I took some pegs and painted them with different colors. Then, he had to match those colors with the eyes' color. This is good for their eye and hand coordination too.

This week's letter is Dd. This time, I put some rice on a baking tray and let him traced the letter D from it. This is fun for little kids to learn their letters or numbers.

We had a little experiments to learn about different colors. I took out some food coloring and some containers with water. Ethan and Evan had a good time in pouring and mixing the color. It was fun to watch them acted like a little scientist and they were excited to see the water changed to different colors. Ethan knew the color combination. He told me blue and red become purple and red and yellow become orange. He showed his little brother how to mix two colors and observed them to change to another color.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Learning about snails

Every morning on our way to wait for Ethan's friend to come to pick him up, we always see some snails along the sidewalk. We usually will stop a while and say hello to them and touch them a little bit. Ethan is so excited to see those snails putting their heads into the shell.

So, I decided to let him learn more about snails and found some interesting article and facts about snails. I found some information about snail online so that I too can learn more about snails.

First, we found a snail and setting up a house for him. It is a small snail but they were having a lot of fun observing it.

Ethan is using a magnifying glass to do some little observation.

Now, is Evan's turn to do the observation. They are just like a little scientist, LOL!

Whenever the snail moved a bit, he will come to me and tell me about that.

Here are the materials for the snail craft. I used the egg carton and some tape holder for the snail's shell and body.

The boys had to design the shells by using the marker pens. They put on some color and stripes on the egg carton.

I provided some reading material for Ethan to do some reading about snails. He had to find out some of the snail's characteristic, diet, enemies and life cycle by reading those materials.

Then, he put those information in one file folder to do the lapbook.
He drew a big snail on his lapbook's cover.

Here is the presentation of his lapbook:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Learning about calendar

I make a calendar for Evan to learn about days. I used different kinds of shapes and colors to write the number on it. At each day, I put on the Velcro tape behind the small card so that he can attach the card to the calendar easily and it is convenient to tear them up after one month is gone.

I found this idea online and I think that is good for him to learn about days and at the same time learning about shape and color. Everyday, I will ask him to put the right day card on the calendar and ask him what color of that day and what kind of shape it is.

I make up a song for him to sing and learn about seven days in a week

Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday,
Friday, Saturday,
Sunday is my best day....

April Board

Another is gone. Time is flying. As usual, we did a monthly board theme and I put all the craft the kids made onto it.

April is the kids' favorite month, the Easter holiday and they love the egg hunting game.

Bunnies made from the brown paper bag, pompom for nose and the googly eyes.

Chicks made from the used cereal box, some cotton and some yellow paint. Ethan copy and wrote a poem on that white paper.

I asked them to draw and decorate their Easter egg. Ethan did a good job on that. Evan just finger paint his eggs.