Sunday, November 29, 2009

Week 14--Homeschool weekly report

This week is Thanksgiving week. Everyone is on holiday mood, the school kids are taking three days off, but the boys still continue on school works and take one day off on Thursday. This is a week to give and thanks. Ethan wrote several thank you notes to give to his friends.

Making pine cone turkey. This is an easy art and craft for the small kids. Just go outside to collect some pine cones and prepared some colorful feathers, pompoms and googly eyes. Stick the feather on the pine cones. Glue the eyes on pom poms and stick on the front of the cones. You will have a pretty turkey to display around the house.

Footprint turkey.
This is another craft we did after the pine cone turkey. I put some paint on the boys foot and they had to make a footprint on a piece of white paper. The back of the foot will become turkey head and they cut out some feather shape paper to paste around it.

Ethan is working on his Homophones this week.

Still working on food pyramid. I am using the EvanMoore Pocket Book for Food Pyramid for his project. We read about this great book from library to get better understand about the food group.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week 13- Homeschool report

Everyday, Ethan has to practice his multiplication table. He is good until Table 5. He has to do the multiplication the first thing in the morning.

We almost finish the Human Body project. Ethan learned about Food Pyramid and eating healthy food is important. He is doing his Pocketbook about Food Pyramid. He got the food pictures from the brochure or magazines to divide them into 5 food group.

Thanksgiving is coming. We read a lot of books about Thanksgiving and I decided let the boys made the Indian headband. This is an easy craft and they had fun doing it and playing with it.

They wanted to be a real Indian, so , I had to put a napkin around their waist area and cover their private part. Ethan drew some silly pattern on his face with the washable marker.


This is a good art project for them. It requires patience and skill. To my surprise, Ethan did his weaving all by himself and he was proud of it.

Making Mosaic:
I found this good art book from Half Price Bookstore. It is for 3+ kids and Evan can do the mosaic pictures by himself by peeling off the sticker according to the color and shapes.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Week 12 Homeschool Weekly Report

Leaves Hunting
Now is a good time to let the kids do some observation about the leaves and trees. They noticed that the color is changing and a lot of leaves are falling off. Ethan shoot some trees pictures as show below.

Leaves art
By using used toothbrush and some paints along with the leaves that they picked early morning, they are making some leaves art. It is the time they got dirty on their hands. This is an easy art to do, the boys put some paint on the toothbrush and then run their fingers through the brush and let the paints splash on the paper. They had to put some leaves on top of the paper so that the area covered by the leaves will not get the paint as show below:

Helping little brother
Ethan is showing Evan how to write Gg.

Health Museum Science Class:
This week topic is Squeky Clean. The teacher is showing the kids how to take care of themselves and always keeping clean. Evan got the chance to play with the teeth and toothbrush.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 11 Homeschool Weekly Report

Homemade game:
Children love games and they can learn well through playing simple game. In large piece of paper, I wrote down some numbers and put some stars and question marks in between. It is just like playing a racing game to see who get the end first. But if one of us landed on * or ?, we had to pick up the star or question mark card to perform or answer some questions.
In this case, I wrote down some math questions that he had learn some far this week. Such as 1 foot equal to ________ inches, 1 year has _________ days and etc.

Sorting the beans:
This is an easy and fun learning process for the little kids to learn sorting. Get some beans with two different colors and let them sort it out according to the color. In this case, I used the old muffin cup pan to let him put the same color beans in one cup.

Learning numbers:
On a piece of paper, I wrote down some numbers. I had collected a lot of bottle caps at home and it is very useful for counting. Evan knows how to match the number with same number of bottle caps.

Math Question of the day:
I wrote a math question every day, and Ethan will solve it on board. I am training him how to think before answer the question. He has to know how to read and understand the question, what operation he has to apply and show me his work.

Using the meat tray, the boys wrote some letter on it. For Evan, I poke some hole there to form a letter and he had to trace around it.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Week 10 Homeschool Report

Math: Measurement
Ethan is learning how to measure things with ruler and learning about inches and feet this week.
He found some items around the house and measured them with ruler. He had to tell me which items is measure with inched or feet.

Another fun way to learn about measuring is asking them to measure with nonstandard measurement such as their feet. They have to walk a long line from one end of the wall to another end to measure how long is the house.

Math: Pattern and number 11
Evan is learning about pattern with the Lego. He had to arrange them in pattern with different color.

He had to find 11 blocks and 11 toy cars from the toy box. He learned counting one by one.

Halloween Craft: Colorful Spider
This is an easy craft. I learned that from local library where they put out this cute decoration in the story room. First, prepare the items such as pompom, glue, pipe cleaner and googly eyes.

You need four pipe cleaners and fold them in half, so that one side got four legs to make eight legs for the spider. Twisted and bend it and glue the pompom ( 2 for the two body part) at the middle of the pipe cleaner. Glue the googly eyes on top of the pompom,,, walah,, you got a colorful spider.


He wrote about this little monster with descriptive words. I asked him to find out the noun, adjectives and verbs from his own essay.