Thursday, June 25, 2009

Week 10 Duck Theme

These are the books we check out from library all about duck.

This week is all about duck. I drew five little ducklings and a mother duck. Evan already how to sing that Five Little Duck song very well. I purposely wrote the duck word by mistake and ask the boys to find out which one is the correct spelling.

Evan likes to do the connect the dot, I found one duck picture and he managed to connect those dots all by himself and color it pretty well.

Craft time: They are helping each other to trace the hand to make the duck tail. Bruno is Ethan's friend. I am babysitting him this summer and he is doing the craft together with us.

The ducklings craft. They are so cute. Ethan drew an angry duck( the one at the right)

I wrote the number from 1 to 5 on the ducklings body. Evan has to arrange those numbers in order. This is a good Math lesson for young kid. Besides, I purposely cut those ducklings in different direction so that I can teach him about left or right. He will tell me which duckling is facing right and which one is facing left.

The boys are good in imitating the duck.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Week 9 Sun theme

This is the learning board which I put all the things the boys learn on this week. Evan completed the Sun dot-to-dot sheet and also coloring page.

I got a activity book which talk about the Sun, Moon and Earth. I cut out three of them and connected with brass fastener to show the boys how the Earth moving around the Sun and how the moon moving around the Earth.

I gave Evan this worksheet to test his counting. I drew several suns and asked him to count and put the magnet numbers to match it.

I copy this poem down and let Ethan recite it. Some activities I did with Ethan about this poem is asking him to find 5 nouns from the poem and asked him who wrote this poem. He then had to draw something based on his understanding from the poem.

The Sun Shines Down
by Katrina Lybbert

The sun shines down on me,
On flowers, grass, and a bumblebee.

The sun shines down on you,
On trees, birds, and lakes so blue.

The sun shines down on everyone,
How happy we are to play in the sun!

Homemade Alphabet game--FREE

Matching the letters with lower and upper case.

I cut out 26 cards for Upper Case and 26 cards for Lower Case out of the cereal box. The boys has to match the letters. Ethan is way too good on this and he finished faster than Evan. Evan is trying his best to match the letters.

Ethan got a great idea in putting those letters into words. We both raced to see how many words we managed to make out of those letters.

Learning graph

I start to introduce Chart/Graph concept to Ethan. I asked to count how many shoes each one of us have at home and compare who got more shoes.

It turns out mommy got more shoes than others and daddy got the least. I think this is common thing in every household, right?

He got better idea about graph is very useful to make comparison.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week 8 Moon Theme

Moon is a very common thing in every child life. They see it all the time and there are so many things we can talk about the moon.

This is a good book to read to the kids about moon. We got it from local library.

In order to let the boys know what is crater, I asked them to use the playdough to make a mooon shape and poke the surface with their finger in order to make crater. I told them, moon is nothing but got a lot of craters with is like a big hole.

Ethan is showing me the moon with craters on it.

Moon craft: By using unwanted foam tray, I drew the shape of full moon and crescent moon. Then cut it out and let the kids put the color on.

Ethan got a red moon. That is what he wanted.

Then, the kids wanted to tie it out along with the star they made last week.

Evan knows all his color. I try to introduce him to the words of colors. I wrote those words on a piece of paper with certain color. He then has to match the foam beads on correct color on that paper.

Eye and hand coordination: By giving him one string of shoe lace, he has to put all those beads into it. At first, he is having difficult time, but after a while, he is so excited that he manage to do it.

Ethan is making funny face again after wearing the colorful beads.

Sorting: By using unwanted baking muffin pan, you can ask the kids sort same color of beads into one hole.
I wrote the moon and star in Chinese. Ethan already knew the words before and it is the time I tested him.

Evan is putting the glue on the star.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Week7 Star

These are some of the books we read about stars.

Ethan drew small stars inside the big star.

Ethan is learning how to draw a star by himself.

Evan just color the star shape I had cut out for him.

The boys decided to decorate the stars and hang them on the ceiling.

Star is not a hard topic to introduce to the small kids. They sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when they are small. They know about the shape of star.

I drew some stars with different colors on a piece of paper. I asked Evan to count how many stars with different colors. How many stars are red? green? purple? He then used the magnetic numbers to show me the number of stars he counted.

Evan started showing interest in connecting the dots. I used the easy number from 1 to 10 to make a star shape and asked him to connect the dots.

This week we learn letter S. I drew a big S on a piece of paper and asked him to put the star sticker inside the letter S.

Sorting game. On a piece of paper, I drew four column with different color stars. Evan had to use the foam stars to put into right column with right color.

Ethan is showing Evan how to arrange the stars in pattern. He is good at it.